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The shield for Kerpen, the town where we lived in Germany. Where I first met Team Banzai, after reading about them for a year or so. Horrem is the town we had to walk/ride/bus to so we could take the train into Köln or wherever we had enough money to reach.

This place was just outside Kerpen. According to the postcard:
"Psychotherapeutisches Institut
Burg Bergerhausen e. V.
5014 Kerpen
Tel. 0 22 75/281"


The cathedral in Cologne (or, more properly, Köln) Germany. A lousy shot but okay for my little automagic camera. Wish I had a shot from the top of the spires. Don't take many pictures and most of what I have are slides and I have no scanner for those. Köln also had this awesome record store called Saturn. I could've lived there.

Another lousy shot, but again, it's mine. A girl in the dorm came to the door one day and asked if I wanted to go up into the mountains with her. Like I was gonna say no? Someplace in/around Yosemite. That's California.
If you're out there Suzette, "Howdy."


I spent a few months in Saudi Arabia as part of Desert Storm. Here's a hundred riyal note. Can't remember what the exchange rate was offhand, but I didn't have much call to go out sight-seeing in Riyadh, either.

Another postcard 'cause I don't have a good picture myself - the Cooper River bridges in Charleston, SC. The older one on the left you may remember from the beginning of "The Philadelphia Experiment" or the end of "Die Hard: With A Vengeance."

The Winchester House©

During the spring of '94 there were several days when paranormal activity at the infamous Winchester House in Northern California was off the charts, culminating in the disappearance of a thirteen year old girl. A quickly put together team of local BBIs, including myself, undertook a trip. This is one of the few surviving pictures from the Institute-sponsored "ghost hunting/search and rescue" mission. It is from the first role of film, exposed and sent by special courier to the Institute before the team entered the house. We found the girl, and some of us found even more. Seven years later the data is still being fought over in academic circles. And the girl hasn't spoken a word yet.

Look, up in the sky!! Arc took a hang-gliding lesson.

The hottest band in the world! KISS!!!!!©

30 October, 1984. The Dusseldorf Phillipshalle (in Germany, natch). The hottest band in the world - KISS!! Man, I love this group. This was only my second show. By now I've seen 'em around a dozen times. Using stealth skills I picked up from Team Banzai, I managed to get my little automagic Ricoh into the concert. Actually got 2 or 3 decent pics. Bon Jovi opened but no one much cared. The next year, "Slippery When Wet" put them on top. Go figure.

I spent many of my formative years in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

The Other Door©

You see the signs all over the place: Use Other Door. Well, here's that door.

Where the magic (or this case, the website building) happens.

Arc's computer©
Crash site

Investigating a mysterious crash in Charleston, SC. Banzai Institute scientists are still unsure of exactly what it is or where it came from.

More Germany. What we called "The Castle" up the river from school. Not that we broke into the place for fun or anything.

Bonn Castle©
All along the watchtower©

Me at the top of the tower.

A tomb up the river from school. My entire senior class snuck onto the grounds to get a class picture on the front steps. But of course, none of us ever made our way inside.

Bonn Tomb©
In the tomb©

Me in the tomb.

Typical touristy shot of the Godesberg in Bad Godesberg, near the school.

Crash site©
On the train©

Arc took a train trip.

View from the train.

View from the train.©
Steam engine©

Just two trains that pass in the afternoon.

Writing on side of Bonn Castle. Link goes to a close-up of the writing. If you can make it out, please tell me what it says.

Side of the castle©

Thanks to Billy for the satellite time so I could snag these.

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