ArcLight by the Numbers

This is where I break down the basics in no particular order:

BBI# 621
Year with Team Banzai 16+
Laserdiscs/DVDs 160+
Compact Discs 550+
Comic Books Over 8600 and counting
Books 100s, 1000s maybe
Sandbags filled around 100
Been read my rights 2
Tried and/or convicted 0
"The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai"
in the base theater
Ginger or Mary Ann Mary Ann
Shot at
(not related to Team Banzai activity)
Places lived
(more than a vacation)
around 10
Knives carried at least 2
Ghosts seen 2
Place on foosball challenge ladder
when I left Germany
Seen the Star Wars trilogy a lot, okay
Copies owned of "TABB" 7
Buffy or Willow Willow
Milk Chocolate or Peanut Chocolate
NEW! Ratio of white socks to black socks 3 to 1
NEW! Number of ties owned 2 civilian - 3 Air Force
NEW! Pairs of shoes in good condition 2

Thanks to Dragon for the new suggestions. Any for others?

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Page updated 24 March 2002