Bios of the Hong Kong Cavaliers
The horses he rode in on

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Prof. Hikita


The world's foremost authority on electromagnetic particle acceleration. Grew up with Buckaroo's father, Dr. Masado Banzai, in Nagasaki, and came with him to America in 1937. Worked with the eccentric Italian physicist, Dr. Emilio Lizardo, on the development of first Oscillation Overthruster, the key to penetrating matter. Later teamed up with Masado at Princeton to work on the same problem. Was present the night Buckaroo was born and the day Buckaroo's mother and father were killed testing an improved version of the Oscillation Overthruster. Undeterred by the deaths of Masado and Sandra, and the bizarre fate of Lizardo, Hikita continues to work tirelessly toward this scientific breakthrough, spending days on end in his laboratory, not even pausing for meals. At other times, he can be seen driving around the countryside on his motor-bike, with an expression that belies his constant state of mental activity.

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