Bios of the Hong Kong Cavaliers
The horses he rode in on

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ArcLight's BB ID
Blank ID courtesy of Blue Blaze Station #23 and Strike Team Renegade's site - Thanks again relayer, whereever you are!

Real Name:
"I live ze unknown, I love ze unknown, I am ze unknown."

Main Institute Duties:
Assists Mrs. Johnson by maintaining "World Watch OnLine" for the Cyber-Rangers and cataloging the Institute's extensive collection of videotapes/discs, CDs and comic books; assists Rawhide with devising and testing security measures for the Institute grounds; "You mean the Lectroids just jumped in?! You guys need help."

Strike Team Duties:

Preferred Weapon:
"Anything with an edge." knives, throwing darts/stars, swords; When required to carry firearms, he prefers a broomhandle Mauser (modified to 45 caliber) for his sidearm and a Heckler & Koch HK-91 A-3 with retractable stock or MP5 submachine gun as a secondary; A rated expert with various rifles and handguns; "Just because I don't like them, doesn't mean I can't use them."

Uncertain; Believed to be from the Southeastern US; encountered Team Banzai in West Germany in August of 1985 when he and his independent Strike Team, the Kerpen Krew, were practicing their breaking and entering skills by infiltrating terrorist strongholds and loosening the tops of their salt shakers; during one such foray, they stumbled onto a joint plot by Xan's Bravos and the terrorist organization Red Army Faction; the Krew's intervention made possible Team Banzai's thwarting of yet another plot against the free world; afterwards was invited to officially join the Institute and has remained with the Team since.

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